Why not Wednesday? Less if more

We often say life is a marathon, but we lose sight of that. I am again reminded that life is more about pacing and that sprinting should happen in brief moments. If not, we get ourselves into a sprint crash burn recover, repeat frequently pattern.

God gave us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accomplish His will. If we constantly have more to do than we can get done, something isn’t God’s will for us. Think of it this way.

There are 168 hours a week…

To be healthy, God designed an on average need of 8 hours of sleep: 56 hours.

There are now 112 hours a week…

Getting dressed, ready for bed an other needs, let’s say about 2 hours a day: 14 hours.

There are now 98 hours a week… 14 hours a day.

God created the Sabbath for man. It was a day of rest. OT worship largely accomplished during the festivals. At 98 hours a week, or 14 hours a day, 14 hours focused on sabbath…

There are now 84 hours a week…

We need God, relationships, work, rest, leisure…

God designed us to need these things. We’re learning more and more and a non-stop, little sleep, high stressed life style leads to significant health issues: cancer, heart disease, premature aging, chronic fatigue, migraines, etc. All of these things affect our relationships not only with God, but family, co-workers, friends, and people we come in contact with. It’s hard to be a blessing when we are stressed.

The bottom line:
God gave us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accomplish His will. Less is more.

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” ~ The Apostle Paul

3 thoughts on “Why not Wednesday? Less if more

  1. God never gives us more to deal with than what we are able to handle. That includes sorrow, suffering, finances, His will for our lives/purpose, etc. Learning how to determine His will for you is what I have found to be hard sometimes. How do we know if we’re supposed to do something for Him or we just want to do it for ourselves? I’ve written poetry since I was a teen, but lately it has taken on a singularly spiritual direction. That is why I started my blog. I feel that is what I am supposed to do. You don’t just “have time for God”, you make it! I like yours. Keep it up!

  2. Kind words, thank you! I look forward to seeing your blog.

    I think finding God’s will is easier than we think. WE put too much pressure on ourselves in thinking God’s will is always a right vs wrong thing. Obviously sin is not in God’s will, and there are things He commands us that are in His will. But, there is a large portion of life in between. That is why the Bible speaks often about wisdom, discernment and the conscience. God didn’t create life as black and white. He created in full colors.

    Blessings ~Ty

  3. Thank you back and please do visit my blog, “What about God?”. I just started it last week. I could use some feed back and suggestions from other bloggers. I am internet ignorant to say the least. We live in the country and just got access a couple months ago. Any helpful hints would be much appreciated. God bless and keep you always! Terri

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