Ministry Portfolio

Sermons for The River Church.

Expository preaching is my preferred form of preaching. Expository preaching is explaining what a passage of Scripture means to its original audience, and then how it applies to us today. My preference is to preach through books of the Bible or major sections of a particular book. Expository preaching can be done topically or through a book.

Sermons on Biblical Peacemaking.

Peacemaking is the oil that allowed the discipleship machine to run. While early in my ministry at Life Fellowship Chapel, this series, face-off, played a critical role in turning the church around. The series also demonstrates a significant aspect of my philosophy of ministry. One sermon in the face-off series, “Earn the Right,” is by Bobby, a ministry friend. I try to keep a healthy pace of preaching no more than 6 weeks in a row, and then taking a week off from preaching. Often I am still involved on a Sunday, as the Q&A at the end of Bobby’s sermon illustrates.

Devotions for church when I was on sabbatical.

The summer of 2018 I took a planned sabbatical to rest, connect with God, and connect with my family. To help the church stay connected, the congregation and I worked through Psalm 119 to prepare for the new ministry year. Format is for printing.

My Plan to help people develop a spiritual growth plan.

Being intentional is important to grow spiritually. But having plan clear enough to act on is important too. This tool is to help people refine their goals and plans to grow more like Jesus. The win is to be able to write their plan in the space of a post-it note.

My God- Ordination Paper

A passion God is building in my heart is how to train men to become pastors in a local church setting. Given the need to have the local church be assertive in training and sending pastors, I formatted the paper to act as a model to show the character, competency, and content to be a pastor.

Pastor’s Academy Overview

Being more effective in sharing the Gospel was the main driver for unifying with The River Church. Another reason was to help The River Church build a program to train future pastors. It allows training without saddling them with debt, but not compromising the knowledge needed. This document gives an overview of the program put together to make that happen. A key part of my passion is training and raising future leaders.

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