A professor of mine would often quip “May you live in interesting times.” For sure we live in such an occasion. Regardless of viewpoint, people sense something is off. Words such as division and polarization abound, and everyone is a Nazi or bigot in some fashion. In the titan crash of worldview is the seeming […]

On occasion the Holy Spirit, whose operations are mysterious no doubt, taps you on the shoulder. The tap is often a kind way of saying you need to do something different or correctly. This occurred when on a spiritual retreat. I wanted to try something different by reading through the whole Bible in one week. […]

It is weird to be on the other side of the sabbatical. Loads of planning and coordination to pull the venture off, the actual sabbatical, and now back to grind and figuring out what a new normal will be. Here are some random thoughts, and again another push why pastors should take a sabbatical. You’re […]

Planning for a sabbatical is interesting. Also interesting are the discussions surrounding it. Some pastors, desperately needing one, wishfully happy, and others who believe in it give a holy thumbs up. There is also the ‘what-about, I didn’t, yada yada’ statements. Here is the thought process that lead to the sabbatical I’m about to embark […]

One key rule to navigating life is that on this side of eternity life is hard and not fair. We can have a pity party or we can chose to make a difference. We can blame or question God about the storm, or we and seek him in it. The choice is ultimately ours. Some […]

Rather than burn things, pray for them. Rather than protest, seek to serve. Rather than demonize, wish for their well-being. Rather than scorn, show compassion. Rather than shout, speak in whispers. Rather than be heard, fervently listen. Rather than ridicule, show admiration. Rather than hate, love. Rather than go after ‘enemies,’ pray for them. It […]

As a society we are pontificating about how to stop school violence. The focus is on shootings at the moment, but there are other forms of harm that are rampant in our schools. In these ‘debates’ the question is often given, “What are your solutions?!” The reality is there is a cost of stealing the […]