About Ty

My mission in life is to help people build a biblical foundation for life-long ministry. The Bible is an amazing book sharing with us the life changing message of the Gospel. I accepted that Gospel January 5th, 1986. Since before starting 7th grade until now my passion has been to teach the Bible. Not academically, but caring for souls and helping people take that next step to being more like Jesus. My “Career” has been pastoring in family ministry, and for the last eight and half years as a lead pastor.

My favorite group to work with is my Boyz. Being a dad is one of the greatest adventures in life. Using what I learned in Christian Service Brigade, my mentors, and my dad, I’m pouring into them. Key to this is teaching my Boyz The 7 Points of Valor. That they would become strong men of God who will show: Honor, Courage, Chivalry, Purity, Learning, Obedience, and dedication.

All the above is doable because of an amazing wife, Kelly. Thinking I was the most obnoxious person on Earth, we got to know each other in a small group I lead in church. As college life unfolded, I was trying to figure out how to date her. In an ice breaker, I asked who was your first love. Everyone had an answer, except her. One night on the steps of Jackson Hall, I asked her if I could be her first love. Her response: “You’ll have to work on that.” A year later we got engaged on a covered bridge on a rainy night. Still had to work on being her first love. A year after that we got married, and have been so for the last 18 years. The inscription inside my wedding ring is “To my first love.” And yes, I’m still working on that!

Contact Information

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