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A quote on a dynamic church…

A friend sent this quote by Chuck Colson to me. It got me thinking and its something we should ponder:

“I miss traveling abroad.  I always returned home from visiting out partners in Third World nations invigorated, revived, and encouraged.  I would often find more exciting, growing, church vitality in places like Sri Lanka or Papua New Guinea or Peru than in comfortable churches at home.

In many nations, the church is a tiny, embattled minority – and it has no superstars. So when the church wants to evangelize, for example it can’t depend on a celebrity or bring in Billy Graham for a crusade. The people do the work themselves. Which means the church functions as the church, not a bunch of observers watching someone else perform.

When we sit passively in our pews, paying some charismatic leader to entertain us and other staff people to do ministry, we do much more than miss the living dynamic of how Jesus intends His church to work in the world.  When we mimic the culture around us with our pedestal complex, we offend a holy, all powerful  God, the most grievous consequence of all.

Of course we should respect those who are invested with spiritual authority.  That’s biblical.  But there’s a difference between respect and adulation. With the latter, we are always in danger of stepping over the line giving glory to man rather than God.

It’s easy to see how the world’s fascination with fame has snuck into our tents  and sapped our effectiveness. Yet this attitude runs absolutely contrary to that which Christ modeled when He, the King of the universe, came to live among us as a suffering servant.”

P. 334-335  Being the Body by Chuck Colson.

Why not Wednesday? Less if more

We often say life is a marathon, but we lose sight of that. I am again reminded that life is more about pacing and that sprinting should happen in brief moments. If not, we get ourselves into a sprint crash burn recover, repeat frequently pattern.

God gave us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accomplish His will. If we constantly have more to do than we can get done, something isn’t God’s will for us. Think of it this way.

There are 168 hours a week…

To be healthy, God designed an on average need of 8 hours of sleep: 56 hours.

There are now 112 hours a week…

Getting dressed, ready for bed an other needs, let’s say about 2 hours a day: 14 hours.

There are now 98 hours a week… 14 hours a day.

God created the Sabbath for man. It was a day of rest. OT worship largely accomplished during the festivals. At 98 hours a week, or 14 hours a day, 14 hours focused on sabbath…

There are now 84 hours a week…

We need God, relationships, work, rest, leisure…

God designed us to need these things. We’re learning more and more and a non-stop, little sleep, high stressed life style leads to significant health issues: cancer, heart disease, premature aging, chronic fatigue, migraines, etc. All of these things affect our relationships not only with God, but family, co-workers, friends, and people we come in contact with. It’s hard to be a blessing when we are stressed.

The bottom line:
God gave us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accomplish His will. Less is more.

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” ~ The Apostle Paul

Manic Monday: Live to work?

Often we get stuck in the live for the weekend rut. God created us for work. Whether your job is what you like or not like, God placed you there.

In life group we talked through what it means to “set our minds to things above.” A key conclusion we talked about fulfilling the role God gave us in each moment He places us. It’s being who God wants us to be wherever we are.

Maybe we should change perspectives and live to work. There is huge ministry opportunity to serve and help those we connect with at work, family or wherever God places you. The weekend is a joy no doubt. But there are God sightings during the work week as well.

(especially on Monday)