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Fountain Pen Friday: Goulet

In my discovery of fountain pens and the fountain pen world, I discovered a company via YouTube that is brilliant. In answering the: How do I get started with fountain Pens? Go to Gouletpens.com. But there is more to fountain pens then the pen… Continue Reading “Fountain Pen Friday: Goulet”

5th year of blogging & learning

It is hard to believe I started this blog 5 years ago! For all those who regularly read this, that you! Here are key lessons learned over the last 5 years in relation to writing: Writing is hard work. Even harder when leading a… Continue Reading “5th year of blogging & learning”

Why not Wednesday? iDeas

The best ideas for your field is often not found in your field. I love collecting proverbs, and this one is a big one. The proverb came from 3 things: Bible, Graphics Arts, and Kelly. If you are stuck, here are some ideas on… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? iDeas”

Are we asking the right questions?

This TED talk raises some interesting questions to think through. A mentor of mine said: “If you ask the wrong questions you’re likely to come to the wrong conclusions.” Agree or disagree, the video gives us some things to thing through. A big one… Continue Reading “Are we asking the right questions?”

Why not Wednesday? Less if more

We often say life is a marathon, but we lose sight of that. I am again reminded that life is more about pacing and that sprinting should happen in brief moments. If not, we get ourselves into a sprint crash burn recover, repeat frequently… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Less if more”

A few of my favorite things…

The past few months I’ve been reflecting on thankfulness. I’m not Oprah bashing…Well… Maybe…So, in the spirit of the holidays, here is a few of my favorite things in no particular order: The Coffee Shoppe Experience This is a simple pleasure that a lady… Continue Reading “A few of my favorite things…”

Manic Monday: Think time

To Honestly Investigate New Knowledge To Imagine More Endeavors (especially on Monday)

Why not Wednesday? Big Things

One of the things I love about the Museum of Flight is Jadon. He stares in awe at the massive planes before him at one moment, and then plays with his toy plane underneath the wing of the first 747 the next. He talks… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Big Things”

The bride is not ready yet…

Jesus said the meek shall inherit the Earth. I feel as though we are not always meek, for sure I am not. It seems we are awfully arrogant, more than we would care to admit. This is not bad in the sense of being… Continue Reading “The bride is not ready yet…”

Why not Wednesday? Collecting proverbs

I recently had the thought to write all the ‘proverbs’ I’ve gained or developed over the years. As I wrote each one down, I noticed there is a story behind each one. Some are original, others not, and more its hard to tell. The… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Collecting proverbs”