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2011 Why not Wednesday? Top post

Why Not Wednesday was a creativity theme for the blog. This year’s top post was about an album by Lutes & Liars. I had the privilege of enjoying this album when traveling across the country to my new home in Michigan. You can read… Continue Reading “2011 Why not Wednesday? Top post”

Why not Wednesday? Trash talking in the Bible

Often we talk about “speaking the truth in love.” Then you read some passages that can be characterized as nothing but pure trash talk. It’s crazy. So, is it ok or is it not? One big thing to keep in mind when reading the… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Trash talking in the Bible”

Why not Wednesday? A Christian social media disagreement

This is somewhat tongue in cheek step by step guide to Christian online ‘discussions’. Step one: Be a big name & say something authentic that you are thinking, whether good or bad. Step two: Another big name of a different camp and most likely… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? A Christian social media disagreement”

Why not Wednesday? By Land Or By Sea

I found my road trip album! A couple of friends told me I would enjoy Indie Pop music. I doubted, echoing the over used ‘whatever.’ I heard some and it was ok. ‘Talk Talk Talk’ I figured. Then I got a glimpse of Lute’s… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? By Land Or By Sea”

Why not Wednesday? Beauty of 2nd chance

Sitting at a vista looking at the snow capped Olympics got me thinking…. According to a creationist account the beautiful scene I was enjoying resulted from a massive mistake (The Flood account). God can turn bad situations to something beautiful. Don’t fear mistakes. It… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Beauty of 2nd chance”

Why not Wednesday? Play outside

Sometimes you just need to get outside and play. This helps clear your head, think right and enjoy the gift of life.

Why not Wednesday? Going retro

Let’s face it, tradition for a long time got a bad rap. Often hailed as the opposition to change, tradition has an aspect of humanity we cannot run from. It grounds us. Allusions to the past, or retro, shows up everywhere and for quite… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Going retro”

Why not Wednesday? Embrace complexity

There is a significant push in life and ministry for simplicity. In our quest for simplicity  don’t ignore the complex realities of life. Often in focusing on one thing we forget how it impacts other issues. We often want bullet points, sound bites, or… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Embrace complexity”

Why not Wednesday? iDeas

The best ideas for your field is often not found in your field. I love collecting proverbs, and this one is a big one. The proverb came from 3 things: Bible, Graphics Arts, and Kelly. If you are stuck, here are some ideas on… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? iDeas”

Why not Wednesday? Expanding the mission in hard times…

For success to happen God needs to show up. But the vessels that carry God’s presence is people. In challenging times we can focus on what we lack, or we can embrace constraints by being creative. In being creative you need to get back… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Expanding the mission in hard times…”