Fountain Pen Friday

 One of my core values is to enjoy the simple things of life. One such fairly recent thing is the world of fountain pens. Friday’s will be devoted to all things fountain pen related. Many ask me questions, and so I’ll dump such answers here. To start out, this my journey to the promise pen…

In my soft more year my dad gave me a Retro1951 Tornado rollerball pen. This was an effort to improve my penmanship as well as teach me about professional/business life. Fast forward to 2014, and I thought I had lost the pen. Ironically, it was lost in the same place my dad lost his prized fountain pen. It slipped between a drawer.

The ensuing panic of a lost pen meant urgent replacement. In searching for the same pen, I discovered the world of pen enthusiasm. The Retro1951 ranked high, but a new thing popped out. Fountain pens. Curious, I began to investigate and purchased a Pilot Varsity to try one out. 

I was wrong
I was paperless for about a year and a half. I argued against learning cursive in elementary school, stating quite clearly to my teacher than I’d be typing not writing college reports. Had I known about fountain pens back then, I’d work harder at cursive. My first experience was that amazing. 

Excellence takes work
Ballpoint pens aren’t that evil. They were born out of wanting a cleaner writing experience, but they don’t have the same enjoying experience as a fountain pen. However, fountain pens take work to maintain and they can be messy. Ease of use is better with ballpoint pens, but actual writing experience is better with a fountain pen. Like many things in life, excellence has no easy way. 

The joy of writing
I always liked to write. My handwriting was always poor. So, I ran to technology. In recent years the simplicity and slowness of writing on paper returned. A new hobby was born. I’m not anti-tech. I do think it’s nice to have a sweet experience for times I go unplugged. 

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