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Fountain Pen Friday

 One of my core values is to enjoy the simple things of life. One such fairly recent thing is the world of fountain pens. Friday’s will be devoted to all things fountain pen related. Many ask me questions, and so I’ll dump such answers… Continue Reading “Fountain Pen Friday”

You can’t steer a still ship

If you want to steer a ship, get it moving. Water passing over the rudder is what makes it maneuver. This is a quote that I want my boys to grasp, and it is one many need to. The concept is you need to… Continue Reading “You can’t steer a still ship”

Why not Wednesday: A not so perfect start

A professor of mine wrote a quote on the whiteboard that shattered all thinking in the room: “It something is truly worth doing, its worth doing poorly.” Yeah, but… Even now I bet you are thinking “yeah, but…” The classroom filled with those kinds… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday: A not so perfect start”

Book Review: Built to Last by Jim Collins & Jerry I. Porras

If you are involved in building and managing an organization, the single most important point to take away from this book is the critical importance of creating tangible mechanisms aligned to preserve the core and stimulate progress. This is the essence of clock building.… Continue Reading “Book Review: Built to Last by Jim Collins & Jerry I. Porras”

Three lessons from Apple…

“Everyone in silicon valley was trying to be someone else…” ~Welcome to Macintosh It is no secret that I’m a Mac. I watched Welcome to Macintosh, written and directed by filmmakers Robert Baca and Josh Rizzo, while my wife baked incredible delights. Expecting to… Continue Reading “Three lessons from Apple…”