Fear or cowardice?

It is not wrong to fear. We all have fear. I wonder though if because of fear we act out of cowardice instead of courage? The presidential elections, the economy, that awful food we’re about to eat a dinner. Fear is ok, but I’m starting to wander if cowardice is.

When we do not engage and work through conflict, we create an unhealthy climate. Then we bemoan the bad climate we put ourselves in. We fear conflict, but too often choose to act out of cowardice by avoiding it. 

When we do not take risks and fight for the relationship, we create an apathetic climate. Then we bemoan apathy and ask why people don’t care. We give up. We fear rejection, but too often choose to act out of cowardice by not acting.

When we do not fight with mercy and grace, we create a brittle climate. Then we bemoan the over sensitivity, and ask why people can’t be honest. We get frustrated. We fear being hated, but too offer choose to act out of cowardice by choosing the path of least resistance. 

Choose courage despite fear. Reject cowardice and all that it brings. Acting out of cowardice does not quench our fears. It allows our fear to become a prison. Jesus didn’t die and rise again for us to be trapped in fear by acting out of cowardice. You can choose courage over fear. If you think you can’t, find someone who can help you figure out how. Asking for help, after all, is a healthy step of courage.

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