Life & Religious Freedom vs Connivence

The news of late stands as alarming. Given an issue with a nonprofit wanting to stop funding for planned parent hood, the healthcare mandate on contraception, churches not being able to meet in public schools when such are not in session, small groups not allowed to meet in homes, it should give one pause. Life and freedom are fragile things.

A society is measured by how it treats life. What concerns me about discussions of late is how pregnancy is treated. To be frank let me say this: Children are not pets. Life should be celebrated regardless of where it comes from. While I believe abortive contraception is wrong, the issue isn’t contraception. The issue is how we as a society view life. Are we at the point where life is only ok when it’s convenient? Societies have often found themselves on this slippery slope and millions die as a result.

Jesus died for all sin. Abortion is no doubt a sensitive topic often treated without grace. At the same time it must be clearly stated that all life is precious. If life is only precious through the lens of connivence, then as a society we’re in very dangerous territory. We fight for life when cancer is involved but as a society fall silent when birth is involved. It seems the greatest sin in our society is being inconvenienced.

Religious Freedom
A society is also measured by how it handles religious freedom. Religion has been the cause of war and discrimination. It has also been the cause for equality and life. By stating religion I’m including atheism as a religion as its system of belief and practice, as it’s fallout is like that of other religions. A war on religion is a war on freedom itself. For once a society tries to control religion tyranny is close at hand.

Having baptistic beliefs, I’m a firm believer in individual soul liberty. The first amendment was largely promoted by Baptists. In Virginia Baptists preachers, a minority, were thrown into prison for preaching without a license. Individual soul liberty means one has the choice of what religion they are to follow and should not be coerced into a system of beliefs, such as the Anglican or catholic church. This was a reaction to religious intolerance of the old world.

Interestingly, freedom of religion isn’t convenient. Nor is the freedom of assembly convenient. The first amendment is a foundational principle to freedom and our country. Without it we’re left with tyranny which is sadly already taking root. Our society does not, nor should it grant the right of freedom from religion. Given actions of late, however, one wonders what direction we shall take. If I were the press I’d be worried, for if religion and assembly are hindered, freedom of the press could be next.

The bottom line:
Are we a society willing to give up freedom at the altar of connivence? We’re constantly sacrificing morality in the name of freedom, but freedom is fast being sacrificed as well. What will we do when suddenly tyranny ceases to be convenient and we already gave up the freedoms that help keep tyranny in check?

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