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Avoiding politics is laziness

A growing trend are those who disdain discussions of politics. Sadly, this is why politics is caustic. I am asserting that the avoidance of politics is a major problem, for Christians as well. This mindset costs us liberty and truth. Political avoidance allows us… Continue Reading “Avoiding politics is laziness”

Politics: What I am FOR

Political discussions are often interesting. Too many try to avoid them, which is why we have the mess that we’re in. An informed populace is essential to a free country. Sadly, many are not informed or have not thought through things. Often people try… Continue Reading “Politics: What I am FOR”

Happy 4th of July? Kind of…

Liberty and freedom are not an easy life. It’s hard. It requires character, strong morals, strong education and generosity. I believe greatest freedom is found in the Gospel and no where else. While the Gospel is my main focus, its important to engage in… Continue Reading “Happy 4th of July? Kind of…”

Life & Religious Freedom vs Connivence

The news of late stands as alarming. Given an issue with a nonprofit wanting to stop funding for planned parent hood, the healthcare mandate on contraception, churches not being able to meet in public schools when such are not in session, small groups not… Continue Reading “Life & Religious Freedom vs Connivence”