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We are still human

Like many places, Covid is a continual discussion in ministry circles. When we became aware of covid, precautions were taken to manage the risk. These procedures were eased up, and now they’re coming back. One field, mental health and its practitioners, communicated concern about… Continue Reading “We are still human”

When forward is your only option

“Indecision is a virus that will destroy an army’s will to win, or even survive,” said Henry Fonda’s character in “In Harm’s Way.” John Wayne’s character was tasked with turning things around. Only way was forward. Sometimes choices can cloud things. The movie is… Continue Reading “When forward is your only option”

Insights form teaching Mark

When I finish teaching through book I like to pause and reflect. There is what you think you know when you go in, and then there is what stands out when you finished. After working through books of the Bible it can be all… Continue Reading “Insights form teaching Mark”

The Jesus centered wheel needs an alignment…

“How does Jesus pointing people to God the Father line up with the emphasis on Jesus in preaching?” I asked during a conference. “It seems with our emphasis on Jesus in the Scriptures we are forgetting God the Father, who Jesus pointed to, submitted… Continue Reading “The Jesus centered wheel needs an alignment…”

Sabbatical: On the flip side

It is weird to be on the other side of the sabbatical. Loads of planning and coordination to pull the venture off, the actual sabbatical, and now back to grind and figuring out what a new normal will be. Here are some random thoughts,… Continue Reading “Sabbatical: On the flip side”

Sabbatical planning: Why go?

Planning for a sabbatical is interesting. Also interesting are the discussions surrounding it. Some pastors, desperately needing one, wishfully happy, and others who believe in it give a holy thumbs up. There is also the ‘what-about, I didn’t, yada yada’ statements. Here is the… Continue Reading “Sabbatical planning: Why go?”

Restoring the childhood we stole from kids

As a society we are pontificating about how to stop school violence. The focus is on shootings at the moment, but there are other forms of harm that are rampant in our schools. In these ‘debates’ the question is often given, “What are your… Continue Reading “Restoring the childhood we stole from kids”

What an NRA rifle range instructor taught me

The slander of the NRA bothers me greatly for a number of reasons. The biggest is the false motives assigned to them. The summer camp I attended had NRA certified instructors man the rifle range. As a boy I loved guns and all things… Continue Reading “What an NRA rifle range instructor taught me”

The illusion of control

You cannot control outcomes, you can only control how you respond to them. In various types of crises I see people trying to control outcomes. This is futile. You don’t have that much power. If we try to control things we can actually make… Continue Reading “The illusion of control”

Book Review: The Emotionally Secure Couple by Joe Martino

Change is possible. One of the biggest changes we need is the courage to engage in conflict rather than run from it, only to have an explosion. In the entirety of my ministry, conflict resolution, or peacemaking, is the most often used skill set… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Emotionally Secure Couple by Joe Martino”