Merry Christmas & Thank you!

The Advent is the epitome of what this blog is about: Learn. Dream. Live.

The story of the Wise-men describes two groups of people. 1) Religious leaders who knew the answers but missed the point. 2) The Wise-men who sought answers and worshiped when they were found. It is better to learn than to know, to seek than to have sought. God rewards those who diligently seek Him.

The story of Jesus being presented at the temple fulfills the dream of a man who served God his entire life. The dream was larger than the one man, it was the dream starting back in Genesis 3. Dreams, visions, prophecies pointed to this event and the result that would occur after.

The story itself is one of life. The author and sustainer of life added to Himself humanity. From conception forward, Jesus walked in our footsteps. He knew what it was like to want to eat ever 2.5 hours, to want a diaper changed now, to see tired parents barely awake or alive come into take care of him. He grew, learned to walk, be a kid, be a teenager, be man. Jesus lived in our shoes and benefited from the whole of human experience under the sun.

The bottom line:
Learning grasps the past. Dreaming sees the future. Living understands the moment. The story of Jesus taking on human form is the key to learning humility. His life purpose sets for all eternity the dream of all things becoming new. From birth to the resurrection, Jesus shows us how to live.

Thank you!
To all who read or follow this blog, thank you! I hope you are very blessed this Christmas. I greatly appreciate you encouragement and listening. We’ll be back next year!

God Bless!
~T Woznek

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