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The Advent is the epitome of what this blog is about: Learn. Dream. Live. Learn The story of the Wise-men describes two groups of people. 1) Religious leaders who knew the answers but missed the point. 2) The Wise-men who sought answers and worshiped when they were found. It is better to learn than to […]

A good friend of mine shared his observation on how many students don’t have dreams anymore. (I won’t give his name, but he’s quite the herald.) I’ll be discussing this topic this week to generate some thinking. Hopefully it will be helpful.

I watched a video with Fancis Chan, Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris. I’m not quite sure what the discussion was about, but Mark switched the topic to what Francis is doing. The conversation exemplified speaking the truth in love, asking hard questions, and theology. I encourage you to take the time to watch and listen […]

One of the helpful questions that I like to ask on Monday is: What are the big things that need to get done this week? I then schedule the time needed for them. Often, focusing on what is most important helps get even the “least important” things accomplished. Why? We need margins in our schedule. […]

We all had dreams and passions throughout life. We sometimes were even criticized for them, and then slowly walked away from those core dreams or passions. They’re important, they are part of who we are. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Think through these questions: 1) What was I most passionate about as […]