Thoughts on the recent tragedy

I’ve seen a few of these tragedies now. They’re becoming a sad reflection on our society. What these tragedies reveal about us is sad. It’s not as dire as loss of life, but it’s sad enough we should stop and reflect.

First, evil exists. Plain and simple. We can try to hide it all we want, but it’s a reality. We don’t know when it will show itself. Each time it’s sad.

Second, the last few tragedies became political mudslinging diatribes. Doesn’t matter one’s political viewpoint. People need to be patient, listen and shut up with the politics-left or right.

Third, life does not happen on TV time. It takes time to get the facts and investigate. This doesn’t always happen as fast as we or the people doing the investigation would like. Be patient and wait for the facts. Few things in life are truly instant. For sure trying to figure out the motive for an evil act won’t become apparent immediately. Wait for the facts.

Fourth, the politicized, impatient society of ours rushes to judgement too fast (without all the facts) and then reverts to judging others for their politicized comments. This doesn’t help anyone and only adds torment to an already horrid situation. Further, it produces little learning and change. Reserve judgement for later.

Pray. Listen. Appreciate moments of heroism. Seek how you can help & bless others. Yes evil exists and when it comes out in full force it’s ugly. Let’s not add to the situation by adding to it foolishness.

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