Happy 4th of July? Kind of…

Liberty and freedom are not an easy life. It’s hard. It requires character, strong morals, strong education and generosity. I believe greatest freedom is found in the Gospel and no where else. While the Gospel is my main focus, its important to engage in civil discourse for the betterment of my country. It’s hard to celebrate independence day this 4th.

The Gospel
Too often churches put political issues in front of the Gospel. A political party is not our savior, and while the Bible speaks to many and all situations, one’s primary need is a relationship with Jesus. Too often throughout history the church sold it soul to a political party- right or left- and not keeping their focus on Jesus. At the same time, I don’t think a focus on the Gospel requires complete silence on civil discourse.

Pro-liberty, anti-tyranny
Personally, I’m conservative. I’m pro liberty and anti-tyranny. This does not mean I’m for dirty water, air, etc. It does not mean I or others like me lack compassion, love, sincerity, mercy or grace. In fact it’s quite the opposite. What I have in full measure is a love for and a passion for liberty. It’s too easy to lose liberty out of connivence. It’s too easy to lose liberty in the name of compassion. Freedom isn’t free, isn’t easy, and isn’t natural. In liberty there is a chance for the soul to prosper. In tyranny souls are crushed, dreams diminished and hopes faded. Liberty breaths life.

Civil discourse
The tone of civil discourse in our country is beyond sad. This is deeply troubling, and as Christians we should promote a gracious and reconciliation tone to discourse. Regardless of view- left or right- the tone is caustic, the attacks ad hominem, and the results bleak. This is why character and a strong moral foundation are essential to freedom and liberty. Our tone needs changing.

I’m greatly dismayed at the healthcare bill that was upheld by the Supreme Court. All the good of the bill does not out weigh the shift made from liberty to tyranny. By even saying that one is accused of being mean-spirited and wanting people to die in the streets. Liberty is much a life issue as healthcare, for many have died under the hand of tyranny. Look at our nations birthday for an example. You cannot sacrifice one vital principle liberty- for another- compassion/mercy.

Religious liberty
Two attacks within the last couple years occurred on religion by the government. One regarding a Christian school teacher. The case was upheld in favor of religious liberty (a rare 9-0 supreme court ruling). The second is against the catholic church via the healthcare law that the Supreme Court upheld. As many have a differing view on contraception from the catholic church, one must pause for a moment: The issue is liberty. If it were an issue you cared about, you’d take a much different stand.

Not a fairy tale
The revolutionary war is not a fairy tale. The colonies sought liberty from tyranny. If we are not careful we can walk right into what so many died to escape from, and what many today are crushed by. With the problems we face as a nation, tyranny isn’t the answer. Read the Declaration of Independence. At that moment in history codified that we are free. It is not a historical cliché. Liberty a priceless treasure.

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