Make it corny to make it stick

I remember early on in teaching a key aspect of the art: When you make something corny it sticks longer. Corny is what it is. But, it’s not all bad. Think of it this way. If you want someone to remember something, to have it mull around in their head, what do you do? A strong emotional attachment to something helps it stick to one’s memory.

Winter, often used a symbol of death, ended yesterday. It was incredibly warm. I couldn’t help but think that some people’s winter ends with a permanent heat wave. Then I thought, wow, that’s a corny thought. But, it reminded me of something. There are eternal consequences for our actions. For some winter ends in bliss, for others in torment. Often people try to squelch, suppress, or overly emphasis and scare people with the topic of hell. It’s real, it’s a consequence, it should effect how we live. However, hell isn’t the main thing.

Spring is associated with birth and new life, and that is the main thing. Jesus came to conquer sin and death. He came to point people to life and in Him we’re a new creature.

The bottom line: Some people’s winter will end with an eternal heat wave. Corny? Yep. So, I hope it sticks and causes you to love people to Jesus.

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