Coming up…

This week I had the joy of sermon planning and preparing for upcoming series. I love meeting with God and seeking what He wants said. Coming up after Galatians…

Jesus: God. Man. Savior. We’ll be looking on Resurrection Sunday about who Jesus is, the God/man who conquered sin and death.

Sizzle: A series in Song of Songs that describes a young woman’s choice between a glitzy life or a simple life with her betrothed shepherd boy. The book uplifts romantic marital love while also casting a dark cloud on the glitzy life.

Dream House: A family series based on Pastor Barry’s recent book. Strong families make for strong ministry. Our family is our first ministry. This series will give practical guidance to have our “Dream House.”

Workshop: Building trophies of grace. This series we’ll examine who God is and what we should do as a result. Too often our doctrine is treated as information rather than proclamation of a great God. He wants to be known and made know.

No Excuses: We’ll look at how we shouldn’t be ashamed of the Gospel and our need for Jesus. In God’s courtroom we’re all guilty, but that’s not how the story ends.

Unmerited Gift: God didn’t leave us blind or turned His back on us. He stamped on us grace through His Son. This changed everything.

J.O.Y.: Our Christmas series will look at how Jesus came to Earth for Others and what this should mean to You. During our Christmas Eve service we’ll talk about Jesus as the light of hope and giver of Joy.

Assurance: We have a hope that doesn’t disappoint and we have freedom to bless others. We don’t have to fear God’s wrath. Assurance tells us why…

Blue Print: Wonder what on Earth God is doing? This series focuses on God’s desire to show mercy and redeem people. Does this blow your mind? Paul had that reaction too.

The Gospel in Nikes: The Gospel changes everything. It’s not about some weird set of do’s and don’t’s. The Gospel relates to every aspect of our life from dealing with conflict to our involvement in culture.

This is whats up for the next year. I look forward to seeing what God will do as we study His Word and live it out.

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