Manic Monday: Appreciate the little things…

Monday is a huge day in my household. It’s garbage truck day… Seriously.

I smile at people’s reaction to what has become bigger than football at our house. (Of note pretty much anything that makes your kids smile makes you smile- other than fine china being dropped and shattering in slow motion.) The oft-repeated phrase “you need a life.” is stated. Ok, here’s the lesson…

Kids appreciate the little things in life. What we take for granted, they see as wonders of science. The garbage truck has what every boy loves: horsepower, noise, banging sounds and it’s big. (The garbage truck is also a significant support actor in the movie Toy Story 3,)

Imagine a world without garbage trucks, plumbing, electricity or Toy Story 3, and you’ll gain an appreciation for what we consider a little thing in life.

(especially on Monday)

One thought on “Manic Monday: Appreciate the little things…

  1. Love it!

    I’ve been working on appreciating the little things lately. This morning, it was breakfast. A bowl of granola reminded me how many people in the world don’t have the opportunity to eat every morning, let alone the chance to choose between multiple options of what to eat!

    As far as garbage trucks, I never really saw the appeal, but I suppose I was never really a normal boy–I never found big, noisy, and stinky to be attractive qualities. I did have a youth pastor who, as a child, wanted to be a garbage truck when he grew up–not the truck driver, the truck.

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