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Church would be better if people thought like and agreed with me!

I finally found the solution to ALL the church’s problems! For sure this will be a chapter in my up and coming book “Humility and how I achieved it.” Oh wait! I do have a chapter about that! Let me be frank, cause I… Continue Reading “Church would be better if people thought like and agreed with me!”

Manic Monday: Out of time?

We are all given 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accomplish God’s will. I often find that people who get burned out in ministry often do so because of time management. There are times when people have taken on too… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: Out of time?”

Manic Monday: iShock…

As an Apple fanboy (nut?) I was shocked to read about Steve Jobs retiring as CEO. Then, seeing all the articles pondering what Apple will be like without Jobs interested me. From a leadership perspective here is what I think… Apple’s best days are… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: iShock…”

Manic Monday: Slow times

Kelly and I had the joy of serving in the normally crazy full nursery Sunday. It was quiet. Just a few kids. Scary. We waited for kids to drop from the ceiling and yell SURPRISE, but no such ambush occurred. Quiet and slow times… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: Slow times”

Manic Monday: Appreciate the little things…

Monday is a huge day in my household. It’s garbage truck day… Seriously. I smile at people’s reaction to what has become bigger than football at our house. (Of note pretty much anything that makes your kids smile makes you smile- other than fine… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: Appreciate the little things…”

Manic Monday: A return to story

Story is everything. It captures. It captivates. Throughout history, story carries knowledge and teaching above any other medium. Story and narrative carries what a bullet point, an outline or a technical guide cannot. In a view documentaries about Pixar one key point stands out:… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: A return to story”

Manic Monday: Think time

To Honestly Investigate New Knowledge To Imagine More Endeavors (especially on Monday)

Manic Mondays: Eating Elephants

One the proverbs I gained in life is the answer to eating an elephant: One bite at a time. Dad (very) often would quote this… In a moment of seminary insanity & syllabi shock I whispered to myself what dad would say and my… Continue Reading “Manic Mondays: Eating Elephants”

Manic Monday: The little things unplugged

I’ve been choosing one day a week to be unplugged. This is starting to turn into unplugged times throughout the day. This leads me to a few thoughts: 1) We’re human and not machines. Technology is helpful, but natural and organic life moments cannot… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: The little things unplugged”

Manic Mondays: The big things

One of the helpful questions that I like to ask on Monday is: What are the big things that need to get done this week? I then schedule the time needed for them. Often, focusing on what is most important helps get even the… Continue Reading “Manic Mondays: The big things”