Life & Learning: 2010 Look back

Life & Learning category is about engaging in life, things I’ve read ,and topics that focus on humanity.

Most viewed Book Review:
Think Orange is the book that will and is defining Family Ministry for at least the next decade. Agree or disagree, every pastoral team should read this book. It’s helpful on many levels, not just family ministry.

Most Viewed: Topic:
While the last “real post” of 2010, this was a fun exercise with some friends via facebook. The story was written by people from all over the America’s: Brazil, Bolivia, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, New York.

My Favorite Series:
A few times during the year I did a series. This one was the most enjoyable as it deals with the Dream aspect of this site. Linx & Stuff is tidbits, articles, or things I want to pass on. After the Dream series, I used Linx & Stuff to post everything in one spot.

My Favorite Post:
The title says it all. This post deals with I believe to be the driving question or statement by Milennials.

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