Linx & Stuff: Dream Edition

Bible Study:
Genesis 1-3: Creation and Depravity. Think: perspective
Psalm 139: God made you. Think: masterpiece
Proverbs 1-8: Pursuit of wisdom. Think: pursuit
Ecclesiastes: Navigating the incomprehensible reality of life. Think: embrace
John: The heart of Christ & the Gospel. Think: life
Ephesians: Describes the resurrection of a dream. Think: big
Philippians: A profile of a dreamer. Think: Attitude

Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carroll
Pursuit of God By A.W. Tozer
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
A couple biographies of someone you admire

Dream series:
Dream: Mr. Sandman
Dream: You say that I’m a dreamer
Dream: living the dream
Dream: Requiem for a nightmare
Dream: Wishing upon a star
Dream: Resurrection of a dream
You can’t steer a still ship

Book in progress to help dream

Good prayer thought:

Albert Mohler’s talk at the Desiring God Conference

Kevin Carroll’s site

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