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Civility, freedom and Christian discourse

After the ‘feast of chickens’ I’m seeing much discussion on whether the church should have engaged in the activity. One statement I read on the matter said this: “What if all those people took a day to serve in soup kitchens instead.” The statement… Continue Reading “Civility, freedom and Christian discourse”

Happy 4th of July? Kind of…

Liberty and freedom are not an easy life. It’s hard. It requires character, strong morals, strong education and generosity. I believe greatest freedom is found in the Gospel and no where else. While the Gospel is my main focus, its important to engage in… Continue Reading “Happy 4th of July? Kind of…”

Life & Religious Freedom vs Connivence

The news of late stands as alarming. Given an issue with a nonprofit wanting to stop funding for planned parent hood, the healthcare mandate on contraception, churches not being able to meet in public schools when such are not in session, small groups not… Continue Reading “Life & Religious Freedom vs Connivence”

Why not Wednesday? No turning back…

25 years ago on January 5th, 1986 I asked Jesus to save me. It is the day that changed everything. I remember sitting in my bed dreading going back to school and reflecting on all I heard at church. I knew one thing clearly:… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? No turning back…”

Unspiritual warfare…

The Bible teaches about spiritual warfare and depravity. Both are important to keep in mind, but we tend to ignore depravity. Often we view that good things are blessing from God and bad things are from Satan. This puts us in a seemingly innocent… Continue Reading “Unspiritual warfare…”