Category: Word from the Wise

My reason for attending was to gain insight into the direction of culture & the church. The information and input were critical to setting up LFC’s direction. At the end of the day, the most important question at a ministry conference is who did God design your church to be. (Yes, in know it’s Jesus’ […]

Ask God to help you to see things the way he sees them. We can do more, but we can’t do it all. You need a laser like focus from god. 1) keep it simple 2) have fun Note: it takes time to draw your hearts together Keys: F- faith trust god to give your […]

Disciples who make disciples Mat 28:19ff “There is a difference between talking about something and taking people with you.” ~ M. Blackaby There is a difference between the crowd and the disciples. Jesus took a group of guys with him. Luke 6 There are different levels of followers. At the cross thy all speed out. […]

Who stole the easy yoke “Sometimes you’re the idiot.” Listen, there are jerks. Even one of the twelve was a jerk. Matthew 11:28-30 What happened to the yoke being light & easy R- be realistic E- enjoy what you have L- learn the way the world works A- allies are important X- exchange your stress […]

fire extinguishers Acts 15:1-35 Some people are more comfortable with old problems rather than new solutions. How does a person enter a permanent relationship with God? Make sure your striving of Faith are fuel for the fire and not extinguisher. 1) pushing tradition over truth. 2) Pushing rules over relationships. 3) Pushing the external over […]

Run with endurance Hebrews 12 2 Timothy 2 Fight like a solder Run like an athlete Work like a farmer Hebrews 12 Run the race Know the Reason to run Remember while we run Walk in righteousness while we run We need to resolve to finish this run Trust the promise of god Focus on […]

The secret place Matthew 6 Why does the mission not happen? We don’t spend time with God. Why the secret place? Ask seek and knock. Place to receive revelation Place to connect Place to fall in love Place to win spiritual warfare Place where you receive a break through Sermon by Pastor George Jackman