Sharpen the focus

Ask God to help you to see things the way he sees them.
We can do more, but we can’t do it all.

You need a laser like focus from god.
1) keep it simple
2) have fun

Note: it takes time to draw your hearts together

F- faith trust god to give your the right focus
O- obedience will we obey?
C- courage “courage the back bone of leadership” book by Gus lee
U- understanding 1 chor 12- men of war they understood the times
S- souls Luke 19:10

The church is the one place that exists for the people who aren’t there yet.
If you’re full and choose to not build or add a service here is what you’re saying:
“We love you but we’re out of space so you can go to hell.”

What happens when you have a laser like focus…
Know what and why
Know how to budget
Know who to hire and why
Know your targets
Silos go down and unity increases

Workshop by Bruce Aubrey

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