A productive life John 15

A productive life thoughts from John 15
Connect to the vine through relationship with God
Stay connected through growing fellowship with Christ
Rely on The Lord and not yourself
Never under estimate the importance of prayer!
What brings god glory? Much fruit

Where’s the fruit?
Notice the progression
No fruit, fruit, more fruit, much fruit

Sermon by Bruce Aubrey

One thought on “A productive life John 15

  1. Yes, one of my very favorite passages and one that I have returned to in recent days. And one of the many amazing aspects of this “simple” truth is *that we can* abide in the Vine: the true Vine, Jesus himself. To think that we can fellowship with him…

    For any of our own reasons.

    Day in, day out… until we meet him in glory.

    Again, simply amazing. Thanks for sharing these good thoughts.

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