The art of teachability

Some brief thoughts on being teachable are in order given todays news:

Lack of listening and teachability is what escalates the Mathew 18 process. It’s not the sin, but the response to those helping you work through it.

Teachability is having the humility to learn from someone. That they have something they can teach you. This only comes if you are wired to be a learner. Learning requires submission.

New ideas and pushback are both gifts from God. They hold us accountable. The problem with tyrannical people is by surrounding yourself with yes men, you insulate yourself from the truth.

Truth is one of the best pursuits. This used to be the drive of science and education. Now it seems more team sport. When that is in play, winning matters more than reality. This makes us callous to being teachable. Why? Because being teachable “let’s the other side win.”

Teachability comes down to what Plato records Socrates saying “I presume to know nothing.” Our thirst to be control freaks stifles teachability. As dad would say, a day without learning is a day waisted. Whatever I know, there is vastly much more to learn.

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