Let God be God

One thing that is really right with “He get’s us Campaign.” One thing that is right with “The Chosen. One thing that is right with the Asbury University Revival. They are launched by people who love Jesus and want more people to know Jesus. Hear the Word as He dealt with His disciples wigging out:

“John said to Jesus, “Master, we saw someone using your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he isn’t in our group.” But Jesus said, “Don’t stop him! Anyone who is not against you is for you.””

~ Luke 9:49-50 NLT

Point #1: God is God, we are not

We need to stop playing God and let God work. He may work in a way that doesn’t fit your theological paradigm, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t like your theological box. Very often I’ve heard testimonies of amazing things bringing people to Jesus who were also able to discern the issues in the event that got them to Jesus. I still call that a win. God can use our failures and mistakes as well as our successes for His glory. So let Him be God.

Point #2: God is God, we are not

Evangelism is a process. Discipleship is a process. God knows what He is doing in each step of that process as He develops the believer into the image of His son. A big first step is connecting people to Jesus. God is approachable. This is a HUGE theme in Hebrews. God is accessible. This is a HUGE theme in Romans. Celebrate the first step. Work on helping others get to the first step.

Point #3: God is God, we are not

The Holy Spirit has a remarkable way of pointing out what needs to change, in God’s timing. The Spirit clearly leads. The Spirit is clearly mysterious. The Spirit clearly shouldn’t be messed with. God will correct error in His timing, as He will also bless those who remain faithful to truth and orthodoxy; those who simply take Him at His Word. His Word is true, so let God be God. Celebrate what He is using in other people’s lives. Stay true to what the Bible says.

Finally (cause Baptists can only have three points): God is God, we are not

Let God work in ways that are not congruent with how you practice. Yes, such ways will lead to issues in the future. For instance, making Jesus accessible is good, but we still have to get to the “go and sin no more” part. That’s the second step. Yes emotionalism is faint, but sometimes people need that in the desert of modernity. We are so disconnected in our culture that emotions scream to be let out. Emotions are about connection. They are a part of who and how God made us to be. There are many Psalmist moments in life.

The bottom line:

My dad told me the start of theology is knowing that God is God and we are not. As people do things differently, and maybe in a way I do not agree with Scripturally, it does not mean that God is not at work. There are so many people who need a relationship with Jesus. It is going to take infinite ways for people to connect with the one who is the way, the truth, the life. This is not a nod to holy pragmatism, but an application to my boss’ words “Anyone who is not against you is for you.”

One more thing…

If you are worried if something is wrong, what are you doing to demonstrate what is right? Are you choosing courage (trying to do outreach) or cowardice (making excuses)? Are you a critic (tears people down) or a cheerleader (exhorts people to do right)? In other words, in recent events, what is God teaching you if you are so concerned?

9 thoughts on “Let God be God

  1. Except for point 3, right on. Perhaps I’m not reading what you are saying correctly.

    The Holy Spirit has a remarkable way of pointing out what needs to change in God’s timing… God will correct error in His timing…

    I don’t believe that God has to change his timing, or that he actually can. Our perception of his timing, yes. Is there any error in anything that God does? If so would he still be God?

    But the rest of point 3 is on, as well as the test of the post.

      1. Implantation. For some reason a comma is missing. Weird. So rephrased, Spirit enacts change per the Father’s sovereign plan. Should read:
        Point #3: God is God, we are not
        The Holy Spirit has a remarkable way of pointing out what needs to change, in God’s timing.

  2. I like that “let God be God”. It displays a development of trust in a relationship. Man to God I believe, because the Father knows the human heart.
    We may yet be oblivious of who we are, like the depth of our own depravity. But He is faithful in His relationship to us.
    In our relationship with God the Father, once established, He never forgets or forsakes us.
    We are pretty well versed in taking care of that all by ourselves.
    In recognizing WHO He is and establishing a trusting relationship, like “I don’t understand, but I will not raise my fist at the Almighty”, we can begin to make steps forward.
    Every person, every path to discovering GOD as the lover of our very soul draws us closer in relationship. That’s the grandness of it all. Relationship.
    Combine that with the thought that He uses us in the process of helping others in this way, well, it is mind boggling. Compelling. Complete.

  3. Very wise words. His Light shines all the brighter in darkest most confusing times. We need to be his reflective light and not blow out other’s.

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