Moving forward

1 (60)One of the biggest things that holds us back is ourselves. We often get stuck because of our own thinking and attitudes. We also think with an “I’ve arrived” mentality than a “joy in the journey” one. Each situation and aspect of life calls for renewed commit to our attitudes, beliefs and actions.

As for me…
Joshua at the end of his life an ministry raises an interesting question: “Choose this day whom you will serve.” It seems obvious who they should serve. We need to state the obvious. It is obvious that a husband should love his wife. Say it anyway! Affirming the obvious makes it firm. In comments when “we’ve arrived” happen, ask the question.

We will serve the Lord
Joshua chooses to serve God. Again, this seems weird and obvious. He lead God’s people to the promise land, why would such a commitment need to be made by him? As important as the past is, we are meant to live in the present. After Gideon and Noah “arrived” they messed up significantly. Joshua saw the wisdom of renting commitment on what he was about in the present, not just the past. Renewing commitment answers the question of what is next.

Life is ultimately about the choices we make. Too many people choose to live passively and then get frustrated. A big way to keep ourselves from getting frustrated is to ask the obvious questions and give the obvious answers. It is to re-affirm a choice we already made by again making that choice. In this year who will you serve? As for me and my family, we will serve Jesus.

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