A big vocabulary is not a vice

Big vocabulary, complexity, and academia are not a vices. Too often I am seeing pushback when smart people use big words, many words, or complexity. We need to stop with the anti-intellectualism.

The Bible takes three views on a person: wise, foolish, and naive. Only one is acceptable. In Proverbs to be truly wise is to be godly. In Ephesians to be truly godly is to be wise. Naive people are children. At a certain point you are no longer naive but a fool. Pursuit of wisdom is an essential spiritual practice. 

Passion is not enough
Jesus said we are to love God with all our mind. Paul said we are to renew our mind. Peter commends Paul for his wisdom. Theology & philosphy are immensely practical. Developing the mind is intensely spiritual. One doesn’t need degrees to be smart and have an impact. Like Peter, we should not denounce intellect either. Foolishness should not be acceptable. We should develop our mind to the best of our ability. 

Hey Siri…
In our age we can easily look things up. Rather than castigate someone for using big words, look it up. Learn. A person’s use of the mind is not a vice. Learn from them and be sharpened. What we should not be is comfortable in our ignorance. Degrees do not always equal intelligence or education, but lack of degrees is not an excuse. 

Paul did not apmilify foolishness at the cost of intellectualism. Paul upheld humility in the face of arrogance. Knowledge puffing up points to arrogance. Love edifying is using knowledge to build up a person. Knowledge was not the vice, arrogance was. Passion is not in opposition to intellect, it requires it!

The bottom line:
Developing the mind is an essential part to loving God. Anti-intellectualism is actually a vice, not those those who use big words. The smarter you are is the better that you can love. To be wise is to be godly and to be godly is to be wise.

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