Why a hard copy Bible is best

I tried the tech thing for a few years. It’s not working. I do not think this is an issue of generational shifting. I got scolded in elementary school for handing in a printed essay, I grew up techy when it was know as being a nerd. Some things are not replaceable. A tech Bible is such a thing. We need a hard copy Bible.

1) A hard copy has the benefit of legacy. It is much harder to toss a meaningful book away than digital notes.
2) Tech is often distracting when there is pressure against being still and knowing He is God. Stillness with the word is huge for sermon prep.
3) You can make the Bible digitally accessible and even preach from a tablet while still having a hard copy as your main Bible.
4) Hard copy Bibles don’t crash and are instantly available when the power is out or a recharge station is no where to be found.
5) A hard copy Bible inspires beyond your earthly life. Think beyond conscience and thing longer term.>

4 thoughts on “Why a hard copy Bible is best

  1. Something else to consider – when you’re using a real Bible people around you (e.g., your kids, your pastor, your coworkers, etc.) can quickly tell that you’re reading a Bible (what other books are bound in leather and have gold-gilded pages?). But when you’re using something like an iPad, people don’t know if you’re reading the Bible or playing Angry Birds.

  2. For research, tech is okay. For personal study, a hard copy Bible is the best choice.
    On another note, the ad at the end of the post here for the television show “Mad Men,” tech making a point.

  3. There is a famous quote that says, “The medium is the message.” While I don’t believer that is 100% true, having your Bible being displayed in the same way as your Angry Birds app, on the same screen, in a digitized format somehow seems to devalue the Bible. How are our children supposed to learn the sacredness of a text when in one click of a button they can go from reading God’s Word to watching the latest “fail” on YouTube. Is digital convenient, absolutely. Is convenience always the best measure of value?

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