We’re starting back up….

Back in September I began the process of deciding where to take my blog. I haven’t written much since then because to post to just post something doesn’t make sense to me. While consistency is king for blogging, posting to just post doesn’t make sense. I invested time in reading about blogging and other pastors who blog or tweet. Here are some conclusions.

Blogging is legitimate
I listen carefully to older saints, and they make a strong point on younger people in ministry writing about ministry. Some go as far as to say younger people shouldn’t. I obviously disagree with that. Here is why, we need one another. I think a wise person is able to weigh what a person says. Sometimes I find older people forget the rawness and energy of starting out jus as younger forget to look and listen from the mistakes of older saints. I view blogging as a community exercise. We need many voices.

Blogging needs to avoid hot issues
One peace of advice given is to not blog about hot topics if you’re working through them in your church. This is a big issue I looked at as to blog or not blog. I like to blog about what I am passionate about. I also recognize there is a church audience that can read this blog. This is amplified by my liking to discuss new ideas. Obviously there are things I need to avoid and the question is can I blog and avoid them. To quote my son: I think I can. (For the grammar police, peace was chosen specifically.)

Blogging is writing
I like to write. I enjoy it. Pretty much that is why I started blogging. I’m not so concerned with building an audience as I am in enjoying the writing and refining ideas. There is much to right about, such as developing ideas I had to cut from a sermon, book reviews, or things God is teaching me.

The bottom line:
I’ll try to blog about 2-3 times a week. It will continue on the line of life and ministry.

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