Books or bits? A sentimental thought on books

If I have a concern over ebooks I suppose it would be this…

I dream of my Boyz being able to use my library to God’s glory. There is an inheritance in physical books that shapes the mind like no other device. No legal issues. No copyright issues. The smell and feel of bound and printed pages that engaged one in the must human of virtues: thought.

While this may be old school and my quest futile to the onslaught of technological progress, I hope we lose not books to bits. I hope we do not rob out of today’s convenience tomorrow’s inheritance.

For sure there are massive advantages to ebooks. I plan on investing in an e-reader eventually. But, as I kindle this little nook of a discussion, I hope iPad a library with solid books worth having in printed form. For in marking, adding notes and forgotten items left in pages, books engage others in thought beyond the first reader.

Books are to thought what the wheel is to transportation. Perhaps when cars fly, I’ll drop my sentiment to the printed page. For sure we should be discerning in our use of technology and not afraid of it.

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