Some things never change…

I vaguely remember 1984 and the re-election of Ronald Reagan. Given the mid-term election I listened to his and other presidential speeches. What I find remarkable is how things have not changed. In listening to Reagan’s “A time for choosing” speech in 1964, the issues were the same. The accusations and stances of both sides were the same. I guess some things never change.

Regardless of your political belief, the issues are still the issues. It causes me to scratch my head, in all honesty. For 12 years before I was born until now its the same issues, challenges and struggles we face exist. America is still here, and we still get to vote. Some things never change.

Reagan summed up elections well. Are we better off than we were before, and we get to exercise that choice today. And regardless of political belief and with how little things change, I raise this question: Is this what the founders meant by “In God we trust”? He never changes.

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