Who are you?

Who are you? I once received a comment that I don’t just sit and talk about what I had for lunch on my blog. Well, I thought for once I would. You will soon see why. It deals with this question: Who are you?

My lunch
Today I did not have a glutinous lunch. I did not drink dehydrating beverages (depending on one’s view of caffeine, which does not dehydrate according to National Geographic article on Caffeine). I did not eat a bird with avian flu. I did not starve myself. I did not consume alcohol. I did not eat iceberg lettuce. I did not eat MSG. I had no inappropriate conversation. I did not pay, nor did I tip. I did not have heartburn; I did not have an upset stomach. I do not, did not, have had not mad cow. I did not eat rice, white or whole grain. I am not, did not, will not, and shall not eat green eggs, nor did I have ham. I was not friendly, and I ate no fruit, though I did have it, I did not partake. That was my lunch, sounds good, eh? Did I really tell you what I ate for lunch?

If a person asks you who are, what are you going to say?
I am a saint saved by the grace of God because Jesus Christ died and rose again on the third day, according to the Scriptures that I believe to be completely true and the guide for my life. I exist to serve God and to equip His people to do the same. I love God, I love people and I love the Bible. I am a husband who loves his wife, who also loves God.I am a dad. I am fallible, but I am sanctified. I do struggle, but I am also victorious. I do not make life a big deal, but I know its consequences are eternal. I am emotional and intuitive, and I analyze that often. I deserve wrath, though I will gain riches. I am often confused, but my hope is eternal. There is much I want, but I have everything I want and need. I am a lover of coffee, sunsets and other little gifts of God. I know little, but I learn often. I fail, I win and given either I would do it all again. I thrill seeing a changed life, and seek to do the same with my own. I fear God. I am a Christian and so I am free!

The bottom line:
We are often more concerned with NOT being than BEING. Focus on who you are and what your trying to become. Telling people what you are NOT does not tell them who you ARE!

3 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Awesome. And timely, given that political elections are next week. That is so often my frustration with politics: “I don’t care why you think the other guy is Satan! Tell me why I should vote for you!” It’s almost enough to make me simply refrain from voting altogether… except, of course, that then the wrong lizard might get in [Hitchhiker’s Guide allusion].

    Thanks for encouraging me to be who I am, rather than not be who I’m not.

    By the way, what did you have for lunch?

  2. At the time of writing, I had a deli turkey sandwich with Romain lettuce and mustard… I took off the tomato… and had a Pepsi with it. A friend bought the sandwich…. I was taken out when in a grumpy mood, hence I was not friendly, but I was nice, and hence why we went out for lunch. The lunch dealt with the topic addressed.

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