Why Not Wednesday? Twitter Birthday!

9.15.09 is the entry to my world of twitter! After all, why not?!

I love Twitter for two reasons:
It is great for networking!

The value of tweeting
For searching news, gaining ideas, connecting with different people and blogs, I found twitter is an excellent resource. Given the 140 character allowance, it helps to say things directly, though at the cost of the English language at times. (Sorry, Grammar Nazis!) So, if clear communication to you is a book or a long speech, tweeting can help you with the virtue of brevity.

Happy Birthday @wozzienet
I thought it would be fun to celebrate my Twitter birthday. So, to all my followers (wow, that sounds scary) and to those I follow, thanks for the comments, ideas, questions and laughs! Here is to another year of engaging in community and life!

The bottom line:
Sometimes its fun to celebrate little things in life. It may be off the wall, but it keeps things fresh.

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