Why not Wednesday? Drive

There is something thrilling in driving for driving’s sake. Find your car’s sweet spot and just drive. It is particularly fun with a standard transmission, your style of upbeat music, and A good friend in the passenger seat.

These driving for driving’s sake trips allow for clear thought, good conversations, or noticing things you haven’t before. (On one trip I noticed my Jetta LOVES the higher RPM band- it sobs there!) Ok, back on topic…

In college I started the drive in my Rust-o-lium. It was a rusty old Mitsubishi Mighty Max- minus the might. It had the sound of a Harley, and the speed of Congress. A great car isn’t required. Just wheels and an engine.

In times of old a drive was a big deal. It still is. Drive with no destination in mind. Be surprised by what comes up.

Oh, and avoid rush hour traffic for this activity.

Posted from my iPhone- as my Jetta is in the shop.

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