Why not Wednesday? The power of paper & pen

There is something about being able to write and sketch that will never go away. Technology cannot replicate the sheer delight of pen on paper. My tool of preference is the Moleskin Cahier Journal, ruled & pocket-sized. Whatever you choose, you really need something.

Why Moleskin?
I’ve given some of these away, used many. They are a perfect repository for ideas, craziness, or that needed brainstorm. The following just did not work: computer, planner, journal, diary, notebook, sticky notes, portfolio, memo book or composition notebook. They were all too bulky. Size and the ability to be nearly invisible is essential.

Why Paper?
Paper is crash proof. About the only thing that can really destroy them is fire or a shredder. What’s even better, paper helps you be unplugged. To me, computer equals work. There is something about a blank yet confined space that allows one to just feel free to think, draw, sketch, or scribble.

Why Collect?
People do not always need to enjoy your moments of inspiration or epiphanies. They are enjoyable to look back upon when alone on a rainy Sunday afternoon. You never know when that idea will come about, or that plot outline written. People always want to leave the mark in some way, whether a cave drawing of a hunt or an insightful witticism by a friend. Ideas are important, they’re what makes us human.

The Bottom Line:
Have something that is easy to carry around with you to write ideas, inspirations, or whatever else you just need to write. Technology cannot replace pen & paper.

Link: Moleskin Cahier Journal

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