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Lessons from Philippians on conflict

In teaching students this past month, I am using the book of Philippians to teach students some basic principles of handling conflicting. The metaphor we are using is to fight clean (build a person up) instead of fighting dirty (putting a person down. Students,… Continue Reading “Lessons from Philippians on conflict”

React, Repeat, Respond

Life is hard and not fair. A good friend of mine, Joe, reminds people often that we cannot control our situations, but we can control how we respond to them. The platitude of attitude is everything comes into play here. When life hits you,… Continue Reading “React, Repeat, Respond”

Book Review: The Emotionally Secure Couple by Joe Martino

Change is possible. One of the biggest changes we need is the courage to engage in conflict rather than run from it, only to have an explosion. In the entirety of my ministry, conflict resolution, or peacemaking, is the most often used skill set… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Emotionally Secure Couple by Joe Martino”

Serve Locally. Avoid Protests.

To my friends both right and left

  We read reports of those on the right causing dissention, dividing, being bigoted, etc.. In those spheres there is no disagreement, so it must be true.  We read reports of those on the left causing dissention, dividing, being bigoted, etc.. In those spheres  there… Continue Reading “To my friends both right and left”

Me, Mark Driscoll & Mars Hill

Yes, I heard the latest and the deluge of questions that followed. It is an interesting place to be, so here is my response for those asking. Hopefully we are all learning through this: Be eclectic A pattern I started in ministry is to… Continue Reading “Me, Mark Driscoll & Mars Hill”

Act don’t react: Odd Rapid Chemical Reactions

Act don’t react is a core proverb I follow. In studying history, particularly church history, I found people tend to react more than act. This often causes an unbalance or defining yourself as what you’re not vs what you are. Acting means to operate… Continue Reading “Act don’t react: Odd Rapid Chemical Reactions”