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Why not Wednesday? Family life

Some of the best ideas and clarity of ideas comes from family life. Abnormally, let me give the bottom line on top. The bottom line: Don’t get so busy and distracted that you cannot hear and listen to your family. You might just miss… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Family life”

Why not Wednesday? Simple

Ecclesiastes 5:2 NAS Do not be hasty in word or impulsive in thought to bring up a matter in the presence of God. For God is in heaven and you are on the earth ; therefore let your words be few. Matthew 6:7 NAS… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Simple”

Why not Wednesday? The Prayer Meeting

The mid-week prayer meeting started early in the life of the church. While Sunday was often a day of worship with focus on God’s Word, the church reserved the mid-week meeting for prayer. For many, in time, the prayer meeting became a tradition and… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? The Prayer Meeting”

Why not Wednesday? Pray

We should pray and keep the Gospel first. The success of the church is not determined by who wins elections. It’s success is determined by the work of God in the people of God. It starts with, held up with and ended with prayer.… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Pray”

Why not Wednesday? Pray

Rather than burn things, pray for them. Rather than protest, seek to serve. Rather than demonize, wish for their well-being. Rather than scorn, show compassion. Rather than shout, speak in whispers. Rather than be heard, fervently listen. Rather than ridicule, show admiration. Rather than… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Pray”

Why Not Wednesday: God speaking

God speaking through a burning bush sounds good right now. Whispers from God are nice. The Balaam route? I’d say sounds crass. God speaking through angels is scary, uhmin and thumin weird. Jonah’s route, i’d like to pass. So the Bible I sit and… Continue Reading “Why Not Wednesday: God speaking”

Why not Wednesday? Play

A professor told me clearly: “Play is a child’s job.” Well, really, its ours too. Think of it this way, how much did you learn while playing?  Take some time and answer these questions while thinking about how you can bring ‘play’ in your… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Play”