Skeptic vs Deconstructionist

In a conversation with a friend about deconstructionism, he brought up Jude’s comments that we should have mercy on the skeptic. Deconstructionism does not want to be defined, which is why it is hard to define, like playing with mercury. Skepticism is more clearly known and defined, one who doubts truth. While broad, here is the breakdown between the two: 

Skeptic vs Deconstructionist
Spirituality VariedSo called Christian
WorldviewVariedMarx / Nietzsche
FocusWhat is truth?My truth / “my story”
ReasonWay to discover truthIt is a form of oppression
TruthMaybe can be knownPerson / group defines truth
Conversation or DebateHelpfulIt is a form of oppression
MindsetOpen, show evidenceClosed, theology toxic
Seeks toUnderstandDestroy
Relationship to OrthodoxyStruggles withAntagonistic towards
Denies Bible and / or JesusPossibly, struggles withYes
Approaching a laymenMercy- Jude 22Exhortation- Eph 4:14-15
Approaching a leaderLoving correction – 1 Tim 1:3-5Heretic 2 John 10-11
Hope is found inEvidence Rom 1:19Repentance Acts 2:40
My life should contrast bySeeking God Heb 11:6Standing firm 2 Tim 1:14
Bottom lineStruggles with faithDenies the faith
God can save or change themYes Yes

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