Handling the hardships of life

One key rule to navigating life is that on this side of eternity life is hard and not fair. We can have a pity party or we can chose to make a difference. We can blame or question God about the storm, or we and seek him in it. The choice is ultimately ours. Some thoughts when the news isn’t great:

Be authentic

Too often we think we must put on a positive front. It’s ok to emote. Calling bad, bad helps you process. It’s ok to say you’re struggling, but don’t be a wimp either. Often we’re better off than we realize, and there is always one more thing we can do.

Own it

We can blame or say something it unfair, or we can own it. The victim mentality is a dark road that leads to tons of injustice. Over a hundred years ago my great grandfather was escaping the evils of collectivism in the Ukraine. The hand I’m dealt is comparatively easy. God gives us grace to handle what we’re in. When your dealt a hard hand in life, own it.

God is there

Throughout the Bible whether the hardships were deserved or life just was not fair, God was always there. Pursuing God doesn’t mean life is roses. In the end it will be. As humans we tend to push away from Him rather than the work to pursue him. Pursue God. He hasn’t left.


We can become super selfish when we are going through a hard time. Always self-evaluate. Always look for the lesson to be learn. Embrace the opportunity to make yourself a better person. None of us are perfect until we see Jesus face to face.

Build your tribe

The purpose of being there for people is to help them in their time of need. When life hits you it’s amazing to see how your tribe is there for you. Be careful to not bring your tribe down. Look to them to pull you up. Don’t be the victim, be the conqueror God made you to be. Sometimes hardships come so you see the best in your tribe. Treasure that.

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