No turning back!

  Today marks 30 years of walking with Jesus. May marks 15 years pastoral ministry. It is hard to fathom. Half of my saved life is invested in leading Christ’s church.

We hear tons of news of pastoral hurt (Some unwarranted according to Ed Stetzer.) We hear of only 1 in 10 pastors making it to the finish line, of 80% of 20’s walking away from church, etc. And too often, we hear of church implosions. Questions of why bother and does Christianity work come to mind. Here are some key points to why bother and why it works:

  • Jesus died for you. 
  • Jesus rose from the dead. 
  • Jesus gave us a helper, the Spirit. 
  • Jesus goes to God the Father on our behalf. 
  • Jesus forgives our brokenness that he knew before the foundation of the world, before he came on Christmas Day and before he died. 
  • Jesus gave us a happy dysfunctional family known as the church that he will one day make perfect. 
  • Jesus said he would be back and we would forever be with him. 

There’s a theme. I see only two common characteristics of those engage with church despite past hurts. 

  1. They know it’s all about Jesus. 
  2. They don’t look back. 

Knowing what I know now, I’d make the same choice I made 30 years ago and endeavored 15 years ago. Jesus rising from the dead to save people like you and I is that amazing.

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