Hero or villain of Kentucky?

Kim Davis enters quite a few conversations or questions lately. Is she a hero? Some say yes. Is she a villain? Some say yes. Of course the question then arises: which do I think? Perhaps I don’t know is he best answer. Here’s what I mean:

We’re lawless
She is not the first government official to thwart the law. She’s just the first we’ve seen held accountable. Here are numerous cases of government officials thwarting the law. Either we’re a nation of laws or a nation run by people. The later is tyrannical, and it is what we have.

We’re clueless
Too many events that made national news come out with less than all the facts. It seems this case fits that pattern. After initial viewpoints and uproars, more of the facts came out that make people look foolish. Sadly our pride prevents us from admitting errors, so the original narrative sticks. This is a sad pattern, regardless of political viewpoint on any issue. We could all use a study on slander from the Bible.

We’re ignorant
The incident also points to a gaping problem: we the people are truly ignorant of how our government works. The president is not a king. The Supreme Court is not he final arbiter of the land. We are. There are checks and balances because each branch can be in error. The system was also set up so divisive issues get settled legislatively and preferably by states. Because of our ignorance, government became something it should not be.

We’re hated 
They killed Jesus. They killed Paul. Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world. So, to my Christian friends: Yes, Jesus was known as a friend of sinners. They also yelled crucify him. His very own scattered and left. Peter denied him three times- and he was warned about it! If they hated Jesus, they’ll hate us too. It is possible this is our “Shadrach” moment. The incident does not fit yes hero or villain mold.

The bottom line:
I don’t know if Kim is a hero or a villain. I don’t know if she acted foolishly or wisely. I don’t know if she is a Pharisee or being faithful. Here is what I do know: her actions are revealing more about us then about her. We- you and I- have some serious logs we need to remove from our own eyes before we can answer the hero or villain question, if that is even the right question to ask. So my take: I don’t know, but I do know we need to look in the mirror more.

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