Is “3% of Planned Parenthood” a big deal?

Based on reading comments defending Planned Parenthood I guess…

Nazi Germany was compassionate because, in their view, they were doing a service to the world.

Nazi Germany did great good by advancing medicine, because after all they undesirables were going to be killed off anyway.

Nazi Germany was an ok regime. After all, we shouldn’t judge.

Nazi Germany should choose what they do with those in their own country, so the slaughtering of one ethnicity is their choice and we should be fine with that.

Nazi Germany’s choice doesn’t effect us, so why should we care?

Nazi Germany was correct that no one wanted the Jews and other undesirables, so getting rid of them is ok. After all, the chance of them having a good life is poor and we should worry about those who we can help here and now.

Nazi Germany slaughtering people was the law of the land, so it is settled. People should get with the program and stop arguing against it.

Nazi Germany was correct by doing the above based off of science and what’s best for society and not some “ancient religious creed.”

The bottom line: Abortion is our holocaust. Yes, the 3% is a big deal.

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