Pray for Ferguson and Pray for all

Jesus said blessed are the peace makers. For sure we need more of and to be peacemakers. Here are my thoughts on Ferguson:

1) We seriously need to wait for the facts. They don’t come as fast as a CSI episode.
2) We need to be better informed at how law enforcement operates and criminal justice system operates.
3) We need to listen better. Even after the statement was read reporters asked questions that were already answered. Social media did much the same.
4) Using a bad example to push a good point is a bad thing. ‘Yeah, but…” doesn’t help. Sometimes a bad incident is just that.
5) No doubt the jury knew of the ramifications of their decision. No doubt their choice was the harder one to make. Easy to give an indictment and pacify the mob, but is that justice if the facts do not support an indictment?

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