Relax and be appropriate: On Mark Driscoll

On Mark Driscoll:
1) Yes I’ve heard the news.
2) Yes there are issues needing worked on.
3) Yes outside people are over reacting or acting unbiblicaly, not including Acts29.
4) No, I’m not a huge MD fan, I follow a leader/church for a couple years to learn and then move to the next. Currently starting to follow Tim Keller. Be eclectic by learning from both their strengths & mistakes.
5) I have no input if MD should step down. I’m not related, involved, or part of his church, so I have no grounds to pass judgement.
6) No, this doesn’t hurt the church as Jesus builds his church. The response by many anti- MD types is just as abhorrent as news about MD. Jesus is actively building and purifying his church, so relax and pray and stay on mission.

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