Parents, Common Core and FoxNews, Oh, my!

IMG_1139Let me say this up front: The key and the missing link to vibrant education in our country is parents. As I’ve written before, education is profoundly a local issue. We, as parents and guardians, could do a better job building healthy relationships with our educators. When getting involved in my sons’ school district I felt ashamed of how little I knew about the world of educators. I am was profoundly impressed with the level of passion and professionalism. My boys have great teachers… and the curriculum is being conformed to common core!

For those who follow me of a conservative nature, you may want to sit down for this… Common Core is not some evil grand federal government conspiracy. It was started by states to create a consistent set minimum standards for our children. This concept existed for some time. In fact, how Common Core came about is much like any industry. Given our increasingly mobile society, Common Core is needed.

In getting to know my sons’ school district, I sat in meetings discussing curriculum options. The options upheld the Common Core standards, were tested and were examined in light of teachers using it. There was even recognition that different methods were ok given the differences of teachers, but the same standard was set as the goal. This is very much local control and the art of teaching being allowed to thrive. Also, as a parent, the district requested input from me as a parent. After all, we’re one community.

Why write all this? Two reasons: 1) I appreciate those called to education. It is not an easy field. Too often we polarize things instead of seeking first to understand. Before getting all worked up about Common Core or even teacher unions, get to actually know your educators. It’s easier to work through differences of your friends than your ‘enemies.’ Teachers are not your enemy, they are your neighbors. 2) Don’t get you news from only one news source! Read broadly! Personally, I think the articles posted by FoxNews on this matter mischaracterize Common Core and promotes an unhealthy environment between educators and parents.

My bottom line is this: Parents and guardians, our children are our most precious gift. To best show their value, get involved in their school district! Get to understand the world of educators, be informed. Many of us have plenty of critics, but seldom have enough cheerleaders. Partner with your teachers, don’t treat them like a vendor. Jesus did say we should love our neighbors, and that is who educators are… neighbors.

3 thoughts on “Parents, Common Core and FoxNews, Oh, my!

  1. Great post…short, sweet, to-the-point!! Your kids, the schools they attend & the staff in those schools are fortunate to have an involved set of parents like you & Kelly!! Makes all the difference in the world…(spoken from someone who’s been behind the teachers desk as an educator & in front of it as a parent) 🙂

  2. Humbled by those who read this article. This one and the last article I wrote concerning education really touched people. Shows there is work we can all do to make our communities better places by partnering with our teacher-neighbors.

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