A change of focus

I’ve read frequently how the best leaders focus on their strengths. Focus on their weaknesses actually inhibit growth. Could the same be true for churches? I’m beginning to wonder if we’re so focused on what we’re not doing right/well that we’re missing what is our strengths. Let me suggest a few strengths we should focus on.

1) Jesus rose from the dead, conquering sin & death, and sits at the right hand of the father.

2) Jesus keeps his own, is in the process of purifying his own, and one day will return to be with his own forever.

3) Jesus states he will build his church, and it will be continued to the day of completion.

4) Jesus maps out a plan for his church that in the end results in her being pure and without blemish.

5) Jesus modeled humility & love while also showing holiness & doctrinal correctness.

6) Jesus told jokes and, after all, uses people like you and I.

7) Jesus gave us a helper, the Spirit, who also helps in our weakness, seals us, keeps us and empowers our ministry.

I could be wrong. But my hunch is the church needs to start focusing on its strengths.

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